About Sprockets Speed Shop

Looking for a bike? Or perhaps you have a bike and are looking for repairs or maybe even apparel to rock when you ride? We, here at Sprockets Speed Shop may have what you are looking for! 

Within our warehouse, we have a fluctuating number of anywhere between 30-45 bikes for sale, and while some might not be running they require just a little touch of life as most have been sitting in storage. 

We have projects and bikes from anywhere between $350-$9000 and we are quite flexible with prices! We also have running bikes as low as $2000-$9000.

At Sprockets Speed Shop, we repair bikes, though these prices can fluctuate depending on what you need and you may have to call or visit the shop for more information. 

Lastly, we also sell motorcycle apparel, including but not limited to helmets, Bluetooth pieces for the helmets, jackets, gloves, etc, and we can receive these from a variety of brand names. We can also install LED kits on bikes as well, with a variety of different colors and modes to give your bike a bit more of a cosmetic flare, especially for those who like to show off or ride at night.